DakshinaChitra – Treasure Trove in ECR

In their own words “DakshinaChitra is a center for the living traditions of art, folk performing arts, craft and architecture of India with an emphasis on the traditions of South India.”

It’s a definite don’t miss, if you are visiting chennai & traveling to see the famed Mahabalipuram sea-shore temple. It is about 25 km from chennai & its right on the ECR (East Cost Road).

In DakshinaChitra, you get a feel of traditional living in all southern states – Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh. Beautiful thematic houses have been reproduced in full glory – utensils – clothes, et all. Some interesting themes – Chettinad House , Brahmin House, Tanjore Agriculturer’s house, Potter house, Cloth Weaver house, Basket weaver house etc.,

Artisans carry on with their work & sell their products in specially erected stalls. You can buy some really nice stuff here!

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One Response to DakshinaChitra – Treasure Trove in ECR

  1. Madhu Nair says:

    Hi there,
    Got here while looking for blog posts on DakshinaChitra.
    We were there last year and absolutely loved it.

    Loved the Kerala Houses !!

    Here are the pictures we took when we were there just in case you’d like to give it a look.

    Take care and safe Travels!


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