Paavai Vilakku – Royal Decor

Couldn’t resist the purchase of these two ‘paavai vilakku‘s. Paavai Vilakku (Tamil) literally means Girl with the Lamp. Once again this decor item is available in copper, brass, etc. They add a royal touch to any mundane corner. They come in all sizes – right from just a finger size to really life-like statues.

Go..add one to your kitty!

one more ..


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2 Responses to Paavai Vilakku – Royal Decor

  1. Thanga Naidoo says:

    I am interested in the Paavai Vilakku – Royal Decor.
    I am looking for 15 inch and 48 inch also the prices
    I tmust be in brass antique look

    • ChennaiDecor says:

      Guess, there are online sites that sell them. But it would have premium pricing. If you know of some person in tamilnadu, they could procure it for you.

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