Tantalizing Thanjavur Plates

Among the Tamilnadu native artifacts, Tanjavur Plates hold a unique place. The plates were commissioned by the Maratha ruler of Thanjavur – Raja Serfoji II, in the early 19th century specifically to be an object to glorify his rule!.

Thanjavur plates (Tanjavur/Tanjore) are made of three metals – Silver, brass, and copper.Usually the central circular disc will have a Hindu god/godess – like ganesha.

The Crafts and Artisans say “The metal plate has as its base a plate of brass prepared by a heavy-metal worker”;” the relief on copper is worked upon by a jeweller while the encrusting is done by a stone-setter with silver.” Good news is that the Thanjavur plates have been registered under the Geographical Indications (GI) – a legal protection against duplicates.

Tip: Get the plate laminated with plastic; the metal might rust.

Thanjavur Plate

Thanjavur Plate - ChennaiDecor.com

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